My name is Aliaksandr Laushuk and I am a translator of Spanish and English into Russian and Belarusian. I specialize in translating technical texts mainly related to agricultural machinery, agriculture and foreign trade. In addition to my main area of expertise I have experience in many other fields, such as translation of web pages, audiovisual and marketing materials, advertising, subtitling, etc. For any questions you can send me an e-mail here.

So if you or your company is looking for a Russian translator, as well as you intend to sell your products in the CIS countries, I am at your service. Because it is generally known that if customers do not have detailed information about a product of interest in the language they understand, they will quickly look for another seller who can offer it.

I am sure that our partnership will allow you to achieve your goals whether a positioning of a new product in the CIS market or successful communication with your current and potential customers.

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