Terms of collaboration

General conditions

The present conditions apply to all language services agreements (translation, interpretation, proofreading, transcription, etc.) concluded between the Client and the Translator.


In order to fulfill translation work the Client requests for quotation via e-mail, fax or using the contact form of this web site, providing the following information: type of work, working languages, file type, deadline and delivery format, as well as additional information that may be helpful. The order is considered accepted by the Translator after his express confirmation.

Execution of work

The Translator agrees to perform the translation work within the deadlines set by the Client and following the Client's instructions.

Rates, conditions and terms of payment

The rates for each work shall be stipulated by the parties. These rates will be only valid for each particular project and may not serve as a model for a standard price for other linguistic services agreements. The Client shall pay the agreed price in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the contract. The payment date is the date of crediting of money to the account of the Translator. 

Privacy notice

All Clients’ information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or published by the Translator.

Governing law

The relations between the Client and the Translator shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Belarus.

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