Why me?

- University degree and experience in translation and interpretation on both sides of the Atlantic, which allowed me to deepen my knowledge of Spanish language, and taught me to pay attention to details.

- Compliance with deadlines. One of the main points that I take into consideration when accepting a translation project, especially if there are different time zones involved.

- Terminological coherence. In large projects with high grade of repetitions the computer-assisted translation tools help maintain terminological coherence.

- Confidentiality. All Clients’ information will be strictly confidential and, unless the Client expressly authorized in writing, shall not be disclosed or published by the Translator. If the Client wishes, before beginning our partnership, I am willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

- Translation into the mother tongue

- Direct communication with the Translator, without intermediaries

- Individual attention

- Competitive rates

- Discounts for regular clients.


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